About Us

Delhi99.TV is a Delhi-based prominent and well respected web-news channel. A channel of repute, we are committed to providing a channel through which our readers and visitors know about various personalities that have made Delhi-NCR their home. No matter who you are or which field you excel in; Delhi99.TV is just the platform you need to get noticed.

Our web-news channel is one-of-a-kind. There is no need to visit multiple websites to catch all the latest action or news. Visit Delhi99.TV and all you ever wanted to know are right before you!

A unit of Delhi99 Media & Productions, Delhi99.TV is where you can catch latest TV, hottest debates, latest news, blogs, shows, and much more under one platform.

Our wonderful platform is not just about letting you guys know about the latest happenings in the world of entertainment, politics, technology, and others. We also give the perfect chance to every Delhiite to be visible and get heard through our channel. Our channel is open 24/7 to let you showcase your special talent and ideas. So if there is anything special in you, then our platform is always there for you. Get in touch with us. We will show to the world what you are all about!


To provide captivating and up to date content which entertains, motivates, and informs through:

  • Providing voice to voiceless
  • Bringing together spirited, creative, and talented people
  • Putting global media in the right perspective by respecting humanity and diversity of the world
  • Reaching closer, broader, and deeper with our interactions, platforms, and content
  • Using efficient ways to achieve desired results


To be recognized as one of the best and most respected web-news channels, reaching out to people no matter where they are and who they are.

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