•  This new collection inspired by New York City’s quick lifestyle is very useful for you in today’s digital era
  •  This collection exhibits interesting digital prints, new age fabric and its prints have a lot of advanced techniques.
  •  Reversible shirt, hybrid casual and denim shirt, ambassadized sweatshirt are unique styles of this season

Faridabad 23, September 2017: Premium Casual Fashion Lifestyle Brand, Parx has launched its own Atom-Winter’17 collection. Its theme is’ Life in New York City. This brand is famous for presenting unique themes every season. This season has presented its refined collection, which is inspired by digitally affected prints and creates a distinctive and attractive fashion statement.


AW17 Pacers Collection offers a free-floating style with Modern Technologies. With the aim of representing the urban and tech-savvy youth, this latest collection exhibits the unique series of ambushed sweatshooters, conventional prints and high-density prints.

It is said that the most energy-rich and stylish people in New York City are living, who do their daily work quite easily. The goal of Pacers is to bring this style quote to our life, which is inspired by the role played by the digital.

 Various innovations have been included in the denim range of pancakes in the form of lint-free denim, cloud wash, peach finishes, suspended denim and steak black collection. This collection

This collection is isolated by various themes, each of which exhibits a specific attraction. New era digital printing techniques attract new directions for print in collaboration with Times Square’s digital events. Hyper Flex Fabrics with High Stretch and Functionality are the main attractions of this great chain.

Commenting on the launch of the AW’17 collection, Pragati Shrivastav, Brand Head, Parx said, “New York City is reflected in” ABC’s Collection of Pacers “. Its designs are abstract, eccentric, modern and unique. With bold prints, bold colors, it is perfect for multifunctional and adaptable collection work or leashes. “

Classic Indigo denim, jagar, pullover, jacket and other classy outwear options are available in the Purses AW17 Collection. That is why it is the best option for today’s technically advanced and fashionable youth. The value of the Purses AW’17 Collection starts from Rs 899 and is available on the leading online portals in India, Raymond Shapes and India’s leading fashion outlets.