About Us

Delhi99 TV, a well-reputed news channel owes its quick rise within a short span of existence to the vision of the founder and chairman, Rajesh Aggarwal. Based in the capital city of Delhi, our web-news channels is distinctive in its approach and will act like an umbrella channel for you! Whether you are looking for the latest political news, sports highlights, B-town Gossip or your run-of-the-mill blogs on lifestyle, we are your one-stop platform to catch all the latest action.

Our tagline, “Speak Loud” is indicative of our philos and how we want each and every individual to speak out their story through our interactive portal. Delhi99 TV does not aspirate to be a voice of only the mainstream we are committed to providing a channel through which our audience is made aware of various personalities who have made Delhi-NCR their home. Irrespective of where you hail from or which field you excel in, Delhi99.TV is the right platform for you to get noticed.

A unit of Delhi99 Media & Productions, Delhi99.TV is where you log in for the hottest debates, latest news, blogs, shows, and much more. Apart from letting our audience know about the latest events in the world of entertainment, politics, technology, etc.; we give an unbiased and equal chance to each Delhiite to gain visibility and have their thoughts heard through our medium. Our channel is open 24/7 for you to help you showcase your special talents and ideas. If you feel you have anything special that you want to showcase, get in touch with us and we will show the world what you are all about!

We owe our success not just to the vision of our founder, but to the dedication and toil of our ever-growing team of bright and competent professionals. Our team strives to provide the most relevant national and international news with a complete commitment to the needs and aspirations of the Indian viewer. We offers hard news as well as entertainment and and interactivity as our core offerings. Along with a plethora of mobile- and multimedia-enabled content, we are an online platform who is offering viewers/users an opportunity to contribute to the news process and interact with editors and reporters

More about the founder

We owe our vision of being a web news-channel with a difference to our founder, Rajesh Agarwal who has been active in Politics and Media for the last 2 decades.  A former student of Dyal Singh College in Delhi University, he started his business in the manufacturing of Adhesive tapes where he earned Rs 2000 as his first salary without any external help. It is solely his love for our nation and associated politics that led to the birth of his brainchild, Delhi 99.TV.

Our Mission

We aim to provide the latest engaging and captivating content with the motive of informing, entertaining and motivating. This will be done by:

  • Providing a voice to the voiceless

  • Bringing together spirited, creative, and talented people

  • Putting global media in the right perspective by respecting humanity and diversity of the world

  • Reaching closer and deeper with our interactions, platforms, and content

  • Using efficient ways to achieve desired results

Our Vision

Our long term goal is to be recognized as one of the best and most respected web-news channels, that reaches out to people despite their differences. India is a land of diversity with many cultures and varying interests, and we want to represent not just one section of society, but the nation in entirety. We aim to be the most watched, credible and respected web news channel in India and an influencing leader on the Internet. We want our work to bring significant impacts in the real world and would like to use our reach for achieving the same. We will not be aligned to any one political allegiance, and want to emerge as a news channel with a difference.

Television viewing around the world, including India has considerably declined by 3 to 4% per year on an average since 2012. These declines are also directly relevant to the decline in print newspaper circulation. The decline in viewing among younger people is far more pronounced both for television viewing in general and for television news specifically, meaning that the loyalty and habits of older viewers prop up overall viewing figures and risk obscuring the fact that television news is rapidly losing touch with much of the population. This has led to the growth of digital viewing on a range of connected devices and the birth of platforms such as Delhi99.TV.

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