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7 watches on Netflix that made us fall in love with ‘love’

Ask us to rank our favourite Netflix shows and we would probably collapse before being able to finish the task! However, ask us the shows that made us feel giddy in the stomach this year and kinda pushed us to get back on the dating app and find a special someone, and we’d make a list for you! And hence, we have curated a list of the top 10 movies and shows that made us smile this year:


This was hyped because it was Judd Apatow’s comeback to the small screen for a small series that revolves around the lifestyle and love stories of those in L.A. Oh, and when Gus and Mickey meet each other and strike a chord, we couldn’t help but relate to their relationship that was exploring the boundaries of friendship and love. It is absolutely funny and while it may sound like a lot of other movies and shows that you have watched before, Love brings a refreshing blast of energy on screen that is worth it!



We understand the irony that lies in Lovesick coming right after Love (like it does in real life too, right?). Lovesick is a massively underrated romantic comedy where the protagonist, Dylan is diagnosed with Chlamydia and things take a turn for him. His friends and him make it a point to go over all relationships that he has had in the past and inform his previous partners about his disease.


To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

For all those of you who do not like all mush and no funny will love this show! It is a perfect compromise between being lovey-dovey and relatable at the same time and teenage romantic comedy comes off as a great adaptation of innocent romance in the age of Snapchat filters and Twitter DMs. Moreover, it brought into limelight Peter Kavinsky and that is reason enough to love a show!


The Kissing Booth

Teenage romances are made of all things sugar, spice and everything nice! Awkward meetings, cute dances and a special first kiss are moments that we may never forget and The Kissing Booth is all that and much more!

Set it Up

Yeah we understand the hype around teenage romance because we’ve been there and done that but for more relatable content, we need love stories that describes life for corporate slaves and Set it Up completely quenched our thirst for the same! Moreover, we want to give extra  points to the movie for displaying women in a broader light of ambitions, dreams and much more!



This is not your ordinary teenage drama and it gets a little bit darker than other shows that you might have watched before! If Twin Peaks and O.C. were to share elements and make a show, it would look like Riverdale. When they’re not busy solving mysteries that surround their town, Archie and his friends are solving their own romantic dramas.


A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

This is an equally charming and delightful sequel to Netflix’s earlier Christmas rom-com A Christmas Prince. While the plot might not be absolutely nerve-wrenching, the gooey mushy romance is all around and combined with a fancy wedding, all we need is the hot chocolate and pizza to go with it!

This list is enough for you to spend the next week glued to Netflix on your couch with a box of tissues and your ex’s number on redial!


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