Best Ways to Increase Your Stamina and Strength

Starting a fitness regime at the gym requires you to not only take care of your diet but also use techniques to increase your strength and stamina. Many new obstacle courses have been introduced overtime for gym goers to increase their strength and stamina. Running and cardio activities are passe and not the only way to boost your stamina during an exercise. There are various parts of the body that are focused on building muscles, like the leg muscles, thigh muscles, etc. You must know that while building muscles, joints of the body are put under strain. To prevent injuries from happening here are a few tips you can follow for strength and endurance training.

1. Your cardiovascular system is taxed

When you want to build muscles, you must know that the exercises that you choose are most certainly going to tax your heart posing a risk. Avoid cardio only workouts as they leave out endurance training. Choose exercises that combine cardio as well as strength training, so you do not have to choose alternate days for the same. Combining exercises gives you benefits of getting into a fitness regime that lays a good impact on your body without a chance of any injuries or risk. For instance, you can combine bench press with jump ropes or squats.

2. Reduce recovery time

It is a common habit of the gym goers who want to build muscles to take a rest of 30 seconds to 1 minute in between the sets. This does not bring better results or build stamina. To build stamina and endurance, reduce the recovery time and take rest only when you cannot physically endure. You can choose from the sets of pull ups, squats, sit ups, etc and do a few rounds back-to-back till you need to physically take some rest.

3. Fast paced weight lifting

Use weights that you can withstand and do weight lifting that is fast paced. This will improve your strength as well as stamina at the same time. Whatever fitness regime you choose in the gym do not go for strength or endurance only exercises. Doing so will lower the metabolism rate.

4. Do not stick to a routine

Combine exercises and avoid isolation movements. Keep switching your exercises and vary the workout to get the best out of endurance and strength training. This also goes for people who are non-gym goers. If you choose running, you can go cycling or running stairs as an alternative workout. At all costs avoid doing the same workout over and over again.

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