Colors for the Monsoon that Go in Your Shelf

Monsoon and rains call for pastel colors and subtle metallics for parties. Forget the orange which is the new black and binge on lilacs, and suave pastels in pink, peach, and lighter shades of brown. Forget blue and its contemporaries for this spring and monsoon, it’s already over done with. For those who like to explore dash of colors, can go for psychedelic and vibrant colors. Add a dash of rainbow colors for clothes, or boots, accessories and show the happiness chic.

1. Embrace pastels and prints

Pastels in all shades of colors are great for this season. Pastel colors used for formals as well as casuals give a pleasant look. Monsoon is for styling yourself in a demure chic. Forget the bold colors and heavy metallic colors, they are passe, and can rest in your wardrobe for a good time unless you want to attend a rock concert, let them just be.

2. Sheer fabrics for your outfits

This season bring out the chiffons, georgettes, and vintage sheer fabrics. The lighter quality of these fabrics with detailing of pleats and patterns is what you need this season. Long one piece dresses that do not look like maxi and have a style of their own is what you can go with. Accessorize as less as possible and do that makeup in subtle colors.

3. Forget denims and Suedes


Hot pants, capris, and your favourite pair of denims are not going to make the cut this spring season. You can use printed pants and say a total no to polka dots. Bulky and heavy patterns like balloon skirts are a strict no this season. The more free and flowy fabrics you use the better.

 4. Create less drama and more detailing in clothes

Do not use yellows, and avoid black colors unless you are using a sheer fabric or a lacy doily. Frills, ruffles, and subtle innovation in cuts is the name of the style game this season. Avoid asymmetrical and abstract patterns and strict to feminine designs.

5. Military green is the only dark shade you can use

Use purples, lavenders, princess pink, and light shades of green. Olive and military green is also something that you can use this season and flaunt the military trousers and shirts. Even better is to get a one piece done in military prints. Monsoon is the time with a pleasant weather where you can flaunt your style and look chic on any occasion.

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