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Fashion Brand Lyla Launches Mark My Word Collection

Today is a celebration for women all around the world! On that note, ‘LYLA’ has launched the latest range of ‘MARK MY WORDS’ collection for ladies. The collection has been fueled with the powerful words of POWERFUL women from different aspects of life. The motivational words embroidered on the garments are:

Balagan, Ambitious, Feisty, Slay, Dignity, Carpe Diem, Believe, Kindness, Balance, Nurture, Intrigue, Peace and Gibigiana’

The fabric construction of garments in this range is rugged tightly woven Cotton Yarn, which have a low twist to make the outfits more durable and water absorbent. The cotton yarn is block printed with Dabu; a made resist paste made from clay, gavar gum and saw dust. Also, the patterns on fabric is made using the Japanese technique of resist dyeing – Shibori. Pair these denim textured motifs with palazzos or pants to be in limelight during your social gatherings or boho evenings.

At Lyla, apparels are tried to be made of 100% organic and recyclable fabrics like tencel or organic cotton. The style made here are easy and comfy to wear year long and over years! Garments are almost season/trend agnostic so that styles don’t go out of fashion the next quarter and the consumer enjoys wearing it for longer duration without feeling the need to discard it.


Dr. Lucky Yadav, Founder, Lyla says, “In the hustling and bustling world of today, women have their ways of drawing strength and motivation. We asked women from different walks of life what their power words were and we got those embroidered on our garments. The garment we chose for the same are also special, the fabric , indigo dye and bagru block print were brought together to create a look of traditional print on denim. We wish every woman out their more power!

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