Foods to Eat and Avoid During Monsoon Season

Monsoon is a season where there are heavy downpours and can soil many food making them susceptible to germs. Green leafy and cruciferous vegetables are best avoided during monsoon season as they attract germs during this season. Unless you thoroughly wash them do not consume these vegetables. Mangoes, which is the king of fruits must be avoided at all costs as they could give digestive and health problems. Fried and sea foods are also best to be avoided during monsoon season. These are the foods that keep your healthy and protect your digestive system during rainy season.

1. Beetroots

Add beetroots to salads and drizzle some olive oil to it. Beetroots makes for great veggie to munch on during the rainy season. They detoxify your system and have lesser calories. You can use this superfood for weight loss, get good skin, and to boost your immunity. It keeps the purifies blood making you feel revitalized. It contains potassium, fibre, folic acid, and vital minerals and nutrients that are good for skin and overall health. It prevents fatigue and boosts your stamina when you eat beetroots during monsoon.

2. Apples everyday

Eating apples balances all nutrients in the body. They keep the digestive system working on optimum levels and  balance nutrients in the body. Internal organs of your body are protected with the nutrients and minerals present in apples. Eating apples helps in keeping away illness caused by bacteria and virus by enhancing the immunity of your body.

3. Pomegranates

This is a super fruit that detoxifies and cleans the digestive system. During monsoon the digestive system is most affected due to more number of bacteria and germs in the air. Eating this fruit regularly provides vitamin c to the body and prevents various illnesses that happen during monsoon.

4. Turmeric and black pepper spice

Turmeric is one of the most potent spices that have antiseptic and antibiotic properties. Curcumin in turmeric heals cough, cold, and fever during rainy season. You can add a pinch of turmeric in warm milk along with honey and drink it before going to bed. Using turmeric in food preparations keeps viruses and infections away. Black pepper has anti inflammatory properties and is useful remedy for curing cough, cold, and respiratory ailments.

5. Almonds and walnuts

These delish dry fruits come with health benefits and can be eaten during monsoon. Packed with various nutrients they keep the digestive system healthy. They protect the body from various diseases. These foods are lighter on your stomach and you can snack on them instead of fried foods. They control blood sugar and boost immunity levels in the system.

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