Mallika Sherawat repeated her red carpet dress 2014 in Cannes festival 2019



Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat is known for her bold fashion sense. Mallika Sherawat does a stylish entry every year at the Cannes Film Festival. Fans are eagerly waiting for Mallika’s 2019 Cannes red carpet look. But before that Mallika’s first look at Ken’s has remained in the discussion.


Actually, Mallika’s first look coincides with her 2014 Cannes red carpet look. Mallika Sherawat wore the turquoise lacey gown in Cannes in 2019. In which the keyhole is the neckline. With this gown, Malaica carried out a tan-trench coat.

If Mallika’s 2014 Cannes red carpet look, then Malika Sherawat was wearing a lacey gown. In which there was Keelline neckline in the front.

After years, Mallika has carved it with a trench coat to give a different look to the gown. While sharing pictures on her institute, Mallika wrote – My favorite dress, designed by my favorite Persian designer Francois Joseph Graf.


The talk of repeating the dress of Mallika Sherawat on social media is in full swing. The look and the colors of both dresses look the same. So it seems that Mallika has repeated her old gown while giving a different style.


Well, not only Mallika in the Cannes but also the look of the other Bollywood Actresses like loud. Deepika Padukone, Aishwarya Rai, Huma Qureshi, Diana Panty’s Red Carpet Look are making their fans crazy

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