Manikarnika: The Real Women Empowering Movie

Kangana Ranaut’s latest offering is Manikarnika a film about our brave Rani Lakshmi Bai who stood alone against the Britishers at a time when the women were considered to be in veils and purdahs. Kangana’s Manikarnika’s trailer looks very promising portraying the queen in the best of her capacity.

It was the other day I was reading Subhadra Kumari Chauhan’s famous Hindi poem Jhansi ki Rani to my son when it literally brought goose bumps to both of us as the poem aptly described the brave queen’s journey from her childhood to her growing years and then marrying the king of Jhansi and her struggles and fight for the state which she considered to be her mother.

How much justice Kangana has done in portraying the role of the courageous queen will be seen tomorrow when the film releases but seeing Kangana’s progress as an actor and bagging national awards for fashion and queen makes her stand apart from the league. She is now not only known for her good acting skills but one actor who keeps her head on the shoulders and have an unbiased opinion about everything.

Her this quality or you can say habit made the film face many problems as when the director left the movie in between she donned the director’s hat herself and even dealt with actor’s leaving the movie in midst with courage. She finished what she started something in my opinion, she learnt from “Manikarnika”.
Manikarnika releases tomorrow and in times when women upliftment is being talked about a lot this movie surely will strike a chord with one and all alike as when we all see the portrayal of Laxmibai the queen of Jhansi during those times, her bravery and valor will definitely bring boil in the blood of all girls young and old. She sacrificed herself for the nation and this republic day again will see lady taking the parade lead.
India is shining and salute to the women power. Hope Manikarnika does well and the “queen” Kangana and Manikarnika both comes out shining and as winners.

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