Struggles Only A Man Will Understand!

In this world of full of feminist, I feel pity for men sometimes. Yes, not all men are same. Some are the gem and they still have to go through a lot just because they are the man. Well, isn’t it unfair? Today, let’s talk about some struggles only a man will go through.


Making The First Move ALWAYS

We have some certain illogical rules and guidelines for all. No, I’m not talking about the government made rules. The rules I’m talking about are made by our dear society.  Why can’t a woman make the first move? Why is it always the man who has to take the initiative no matter what? can’t a man be shy one? And if he is, he will again be judged! I mean?

Respected Only If He Is Earning

If you want to be respected in the society, you have to earn well. But why? Even if he is not earning or is earning less, what is the issue? How can you relate the two terms earning with respect? Logic?

Can’t Be Sensitive

Just to maintain the macho image, men can’t be sensitive. No matter how hurt they are, if they will cry, people will make fun of them. Since childhood, they have learned that “Ladhke Rote Nahi Hai.” But now, it’s a high time to realize that Ladke bhi rote hai. Mard ko Dard HOTA hai.

Have To Pay The Bills

When we talk about equality, why do we forget about the responsibility which comes with the name MAN? Why can’t we just split the bill or pay sometimes?


Should Earn Well To Get Love

They are judged on the basis of how many digit salary they get. While getting married, a man will get many rejections just because of his annual package. According to this, if he wants to marry a girl, he should earn well.

Can’t Be A Creep But Have To Be Romantic Enough

If they try coming closer to a woman, they have to make sure that they are not crossing the lines. And even if the guy doesn’t come close, he will be considered as a gay. Evil No?

Have To Handle The Mood Swings Of A Woman

Dear ladies, I know that you go through a lot when you are on your periods. But ever thought how much your guy does for you when you are PMSing? He handles all your mood swings politely. Isn’t it sweet?

Can’t Stay At Home For Long

If they go out, they are awara, if they stay in, they are ladki. Why do we have to judge everyone for everything they do? Can’t a guy stay at home without being judged?

Can’t Cook

Let me remind you, all great chefs of 5 stars are men. Yes, men can also cook. They can also be in the kitchen. If they are making food for their family, it does not mean that they are not men. We really need to change our thinking.

Can’t Be A Classical Dancer

India is a place where you will see the different elegant form of dances such as Kathak, Kuchipudi, Bharatnatyam and many more. And these dance forms are not only made for women. We have to digest the fact that a man also can be a good classical dancer without getting any nasty comments.

So, these were some of the struggles all of us should understand which only a guy go through. We really have to change our thinking towards them. Not every man is a rapist, not every man is a bad man. Some are the reason why we still fall in love. Think about it. Bring the change.

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