Superfoods that Boost Your Metabolism

Boosting metabolism balances the chemicals in the body and lets you stay fit mentally, emotionally, and physically. Keeping your body hydrated, free of toxins, and free radicals, requires you to have a diet that is low on calorie, high in vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids. Adding lean protein and calcium do wonders to your body and let you stay stronger as you get older.

1. Healthy green tea

Start your day with green tea and a fruit bowl instead. Cut down on mayonnaise filled sandwiches and pancakes for breakfast and switch to drinking 2 to 3 cups of green tea daily. The catechins in the green tea give you the needed caffeine and flush toxins from the body. Its boosts your metabolism quickly driving away fatigue, giving you more energy to work all day.

2. Garlic is an immunity booster

Crush garlic and add a tablespoon of honey and consume this on an empty stomach daily. Garlic acts as a cleanser and detoxifies the metallic waste in the body. Add garlic cloves to food and food preparations and derive maximum benefit from it. Those who suffer from iron deficiency can take garlic and metabolise iron intake for your body.

3. Apples and mangoes

Mangoes are seasonal and have multiple health benefits. Pectin in apples and mangoes keeps the cholesterol in control and prevents several types of cancer. Apples and mangoes are superfoods and immunity boosters. It is great for weight loss and aids digestive health.

4. Vitamin C rich foods

All the berries, tomatoes, kiwi, grapefruit, brussel sprouts, cantaloupe, potatoes, and other fruits and vegetables that are vitamin C rich not only boost your metabolism but provide you with added health benefits. Many chronic ailments can be prevented when you intake vitamin C rich foods daily. This goes to say that if you are a meat lover, rustle some vitamin C rich breakfast to boost metabolism.

5. Green Leafy vegetables

Spinach is a superfood and comes with umpteen health benefits. Iron rich spinach has folic acid, magnesium, minerals, and nutrients that help the body stay healthy and fight infections and viruses. It increases the RBC count of your body and converts food into energy faster. Prevent oxidative stress by adding spinach to salads, as well as daily cooking. Green leafy vegetables are great for bone health and have brain boosting power.

Many other metabolism boosting foods include flax seeds, spices like peppers, cinnamon, lentils, avocadoes, greek yogurt, and cruciferous vegetables. Add the vegan diet to your daily routine and stay healthy and fit for life.

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