The Complete Guide to Accessorizing Your Outfit

Do you really get furious when you see other girls looking gorgeous in anything they wear? They could be just rocking a simple outfit, in a stylish manner. It’s not always the branded clothes or a stylist’s work, sometimes it can be just a piece of accessory that amends your overall look.

Getting the knowledge about the art of accessorizing is a must if you want to look gorgeous. If you put the right accessories together, it can distinguish you from other people who look boring carrying the same look every day. Some girls feel that pairing up the accessories with your clothes can be expensive, but that’s a myth. Here are a few tips on accessorizing that are definitely going to be a boon for you:

How can you accessorize an Outfit?

An outfit can transform from being boring to a stunning one if you pair it up with the right accessories. Just buy the accessories that suit your personality and make you look confident wearing them. Remember a few tips which can help you accessorize like a star: Long earrings are well suited with a formal and a casual outfit. Even if you choose the diamond studs with a western outfit, they make you look different. People notice the earrings you wear as they add sparkle to your face.


Go for Long Neckpieces: One beaded necklace can make you look gorgeous. Play with your looks by trying in long beaded neck pieces or you can also go for long chains. Long chains can make you look taller and slimmer. Remember not to overdo anything. If you wear 2-3 neck pieces together, you are going to ruin your look thereby making a joke out of you. Just one graceful necklace is enough to make you look trendy and classy.




Add a belt: When you wear a flowy dress and you put in a wide belt over it, you will flaunt your curves and it will add grace to your overall dress. Cinched waists are very much in trend nowadays, so follow this one to bring a change to your overall appearance.





Bolder Accessories with Basic Outfits: When you go for a casual look with simple jeans and a tee shirt, add in the accessories such as some metal bangles, a long pendant neck piece and some coloured hairpins. It would prove to be your most favourite look, which has a balance of accessories with a simple casual outfit.


Take care of the Proportions: If you are wearing a heavy outfit, keep your accessories minimal. Similarly, when you wear a simple dress, you can add more accessories and complete your overall look.






Take bracelets into consideration: Wearing a bunch of bangles always make you look beautiful. However, if you add in a bracelet to the other arm, it can completely transform your look as everyone’s attention will be drawn towards your bracelet.





Don’t over accessorize: Don’t ever go for too many accessories at the same time. If you are wearing earrings and bangles at one time, skip the all other accessories. Always try to wear two accessories at one time. You can make combinations such as earrings and bangles, cocktail ring and a scarf, or neckpiece and a belt.
Buy accessories that identify your personality: Always go for the accessories you are attracted to as they will make you look more beautiful and you will also feel happy wearing them.




Play with colours: If you are planning to wear a plain outfit, add some coloured jewellery, a handbag, a scarf, and bright coloured footwear to complete your look. Always remember the outfits that do not match are considered the trendiest ones. Pair up sneakers and long earrings with a one-piece dress to rock your cool look.


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