Understanding Plus Size fashion segments

I still remember the times when my tall and broad-shouldered cousins would be spending hours and hours in the trial rooms and nothing would fit them. Their exasperated faces for not getting the desired size and their choice of designs would always be the saddest part of our shopping days. At times they would come out of the dressing room and start to jump because they finally found a form fitting dress that was trendy as well.

Plus size stores were very rare in the 80’s and then came the “Revolution clothing for plus size women ” They had in store Plus size shirts, leggings and dress which they had been longing for since a long time. The cuts and design elements made them look slimmer somehow.

Bias towards Skinny Models:
My Bold and Beautiful friends with Plus size at times felt that the fashion industry really believes all women are the size of those skinny models on the ramp. The plus-size woman is finally getting some fashion respect because big brands can no longer afford to ignore the major section of the women segment. The profit-hungry fashion Industry now understands the need of the consumer. The Fashion models still boast of zero size women but in reality, the average Indian women wear plus sizes. Tapping this market segment is the need of the hour for all brands. We see a special mention of plus size at Marks & Spencer and H&M these days. Even the Pantaloon stores are having a special plus size section now.


It’s a big market opportunity with growing sales potential, but retailers can’t seem to figure it out.Plus-size clothing hasn’t always been fashionable, trendy or well-made, and often it has been located in a small section of a retail store with limited options.

My beautiful friend Sarah says, “I had a meeting tomorrow and I don’t know where to rush and just pick up something that fits me at one go. There aren’t that many in-store options for me in small cities ” she has to go to metros to shop and that means spending the whole day finding her size. Big clothing brands are spending the huge amount of market surveys these days to tap the huge plus size customer segment.

To sell to your customer, you must know your customer:

To reach your audience, you must know there needs and requirements. You cannot solve your customer’s needs or appeal to their wants and desires without having some understanding of what they are. That is why we see so many brands and retail shops focussing on Plus size segment. After all, your customer is the centre of your universe. Anything that helps you understand and connect with them is a good business One size does not fit all and rarely does one simple message hit the spot with every potential customer out there. However, despite the fact that the plus-size segment is not with all brands and has a tremendous amount of buying power, the majority of designers and brands aren’t capitalizing on this business opportunity.

As the plus size women clothing grows, it’s going to be best for retailers to adapt their business models in order to cater to plus-size shoppers. But, success in the plus-size apparel market will ultimately require a deep understanding of who your current and potential customers are and sustaining to there ongoing demand is the key for success in this Vertical of Fashion Industry.

“Be Bold Be Beautiful and Be You ” is the new Fashion mantra for the Plus size woman.

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