“23 participants and 9 want to become Prime Minister,” said Amit Shah on the opposition rally

“23 participants and 9 want to become Prime Minister,” said Amit Shah on the opposition rally

Amit Shah has launched his election campaign in West Bengal with a bang. His rally, which was about to be cancelled, was held after the much talked Mega opposition rally organised by Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee. Shah said that the rally had 23 participants, out of which 9 want to become PM.
Shah’s rally was organised in Malda, and according to Bhartiya Janta Party, the Malda administration refused to let Shah’s helicopter land at the state-run airstrip. Shah then resolved the matter by landing on a private resort.
Shah started to attack Bannerjee as soon as his rally started. Shah said that the land of Bengal where Rabindranath Tagore’s music used to recite, is now filled with bomb and weapon making industries. Moving further in the line, Shah said that only Bhartiya Janta Party could bring the old glories of Bengal back.
"Gathbandhan, Gathbandhan, Gathbandhan. Gathbandhan for what? You can't hope to get rid of Narendra Modi by 25 people holding hands on stage. Narendra Modi has the people with him and is standing tall like a mountain,” mocked Shah.
He cleverly used the face politics, as the party did in 2014 elections. Relying on the main face Modi, Shah said, "Of the 23 people who were seated at Brigade Ground (the rally venue), there are nine who want to be PM. We only have one leader - the entire NDA (National Democratic Alliance) stands rock-solid behind Prime Minister Narendra Modi.”
Trinamool Congress reverted Shah as soon as his rally ended. Trinamool lawmaker Derek O'Brien did facebook live and said, “After listening to the BJP president's speech in Malda, it is obvious that they are very nervous. They know their days are numbered. They are politically scared. Their speeches are low on facts and poor in taste.
They don't understand the ethos of India. They don't understand the ethos of Bengal. They are heading towards one big zero. Some are saying they are desperate. Some are saying they have gone mad. Or is it a combination of both ?”

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