“BJP is doing communal polarisation”, said Jairam Ramesh

“BJP is doing communal polarisation”, said Jairam Ramesh


Senior Congress leader and former union minister, Jairam Ramesh, is firing shots at BJP as elections are coming near and every party is preparing for it. According to inputs by news agency PTI, Congress leader Jairam Ramesh talked to the media on Sunday and said that the Bhartiya Janta Paty is doing “frightening level of communal polarisation” in the states where elections are going to be held in upcoming days. He said that this polarisation spread by BJP will be a huge problem to tackle for Congress.

As per the reports of PTI, Ramesh said, “There is a high degree of communal polarisation that the BJP is doing in every election and in these states. The only explanation I have for the Uttar Pradesh win of the BJP [in the 2017 Assembly elections] is the frightening level of communal polarisation. They are doing this in Chhattisgarh and certainly in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.”

Ramesh said that BJP and RSS both are helping each other in spreading hatred. He said that BJP is spreading overt polarisation by speeches of PM Narendra Modi and BJP supremo Amit Shah, while RSS is spreading covert polarisation on the grounds with its workers.

Commenting on Uttar Pradesh elections, Ramesh said, “ For every Amit Shah there are 10 Amit Shahs of the RSS who are practicing and preaching covert polarisation. That is what happened in Uttar Pradesh.”
Ramesh also said, “Shah is the new word for taanashahi [dictatorship]. It [polarisation] is a challenge we have to face whether in power or outside.”

Ramesh also made comments on Modi and his habits of distorting history, he said that PM always does falsification of the facts and history in his election campaigns. The former union minister said that the Prime Minister is not Prime Ministerial in his campaigns. "The way he distorts history, the way he falsifies facts, the way he abuses his political opponents is not prime ministerial", he added.

Talking about his own party, Ramesh said that Congress is going to win in the next state elections.

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