"BJP only believes in destruction and dividing people," said TMC leader


After the Kolkata High Court gave BJP permission to hold Rath Yatra in West Bengal, the ruling party is accusing BJP’s Rath Yatra to be aimed for inciting communal tension.
The Trinamool Congress’s secretary general Partha Chatterjee said that the BJP, by holding a Rath Yatra, is trying to divide the community along religious lines for gaining votes in Lok Sabha elections. Chatterjee also claimed that TMC believes in constructive politics, unlike centre ruling BJP. He also said that it is only TMC who fight to oust the Left party who was ruling West Bengal for 34 years.
Chatterjee, talking to the media, said, “BJP only believes in destruction and dividing people. The kind of statements BJP leaders are making every day reflects how the BJP is trying to instigate violence in the state. In the name of law violation programme what the BJP and its cadres are doing is just hooliganism.”
“The sole aim of BJP’s Rath Yatras was to incite communal passion in the state,” he added.
The Trinamool Congress earlier denied the permission to hold a Rath Yatra to BJP supremo Amit Shah. Shah moved to Kolkata High Court to seek permission. High Court gave permission to Amit Shah saying that if any mishappening happens in the state in the name of religion, BJP will have to answer. The court also said in its judgement that Govt is denying permission without citing any solid reason. The court said the concern for maintaining secular and social fabric is right but it should not be based on imaginary things.

BJP senior leader and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said that this behaviour of West Bengal Govt. is authoritative in nature. If BJP had done any such thing, people would have called it an “undeclared emergency.”
The Rath Yatra is scheduled to held in three phases. Amit Shah is calling the Yatra, ‘Save Democracy Rally.’

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