“Demonetisation was a tragedy,” Rahul Gandhi on Anniversary of Demonetisation

“Demonetisation was a tragedy,” Rahul Gandhi on Anniversary of Demonetisation


Making remarks on Demonetisation, Congress Supremo said, “Demonetisation was an ill scheme to convert black money of PM Modi’s suited booted friends into White money". Rahul Gandhi made this remarks as Thursday was the second anniversary of the day Modi government took the decision of demonetising currency notes of 500 and 1000 rs.


He said that the history will remember this day as the day of “infamy.” It will also be remembered as the day when Modi pressed his authoritative rule of demonetisation.

Rahul Gandhi said to the press that in past India has faced many tragedies, many bad days but demonetisation was one of its own kind. It was like a suicidal attack which affected millions of lives and shattered thousands of businesses. “Demonetisation was a tragedy,” he added.


The Congress president made accusations on BJP. He said that demonetisation was not just an ill-conceived, poorly executed plan, but it was a scam done with ill intent and was a financial joke made to the public.




Rahul Gandhi said that famous scholars and economists have understood demonetisation as “a disaster that did not meet a single of its stated objectives.” “All that was achieved by this tyrannical step was a disaster and nothing else,” he added.


Rahul Gandhi mentioning some data said that because of demonetisation at least one per cent of our country’s GDP was wiped out.


On Thursday morning, Finance Minister Mr Arun Jaitely said in a press conference that demonetisation was a “one of the key steps in a chain of important decisions” taken by the Bhartiya Janta Party government. He said that demonetisation was done to formalise the economy.


The famous economist, Former Prime Minister and Congress leader Mr Manmohan Singh said that eighth of November was a day to recall how “economic misadventures can roil the nation for a long time”.



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