“Manmohan Singh was not as strong and determined as Modi.,” said Sheila Dixit

“Manmohan Singh was not as strong and determined as Modi.,” said Sheila Dixit

The president of Delhi Congress Committee and the former Chief Minister of Delhi made some controversial remarks today. In an interview given to News18, the Congress leader said that Manmohan Singh was not as strong as the current Prime Minister Narendra Modi in handling border security situations.
In a time when elections are already announced and every party is trying to push down another, these remarks by the veteran Congress leader will be a major setback for Congress.
In the interview, the former Chief Minister of Delhi was talking about the security issues of the Country. She said that India always has been a safe country.
When asked about why the UPA government led by Congress didn’t do anything after the 26/11 Mumbai attacks, Dixit replied, “Manmohan Singh was not as strong and determined as Modi perhaps”.
Trying to save the moment, Dixit then immediately said that it seems Like PM Modi has retaliated back to Pakistan keeping the electoral politics in mind. Dixit was, of course, referring to the air strike done by the Indian Air Force in Pakistan’s Balakot after the Pulwama attack in Kashmir on Feb 14.
This is not the first time when Dixit had spoken against Dr Manmohan Singh. In past, she has remarked that the handling of the agitation against corruption by Hanna Hanazre was not done good enough by then Prime Minister.
At that time, when Common Wealth Games and Black Money was the talk of the town, Dixit was even planning to resign from her post. But senior leader Ahmed Patel persuaded her to not to resign from Chief Ministerial Post.
In another interview given during that time, she has confessed that the relations between the Delhi Government and the government at Centre were not that smooth.
Dixit, surely, has stirred up the controversy. Congress will try to bury these statements, but will BJP be quick enough to pick them for their use?

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