#MeToo Accusations on Alok Nath may be false.

#MeToo Accusations on Alok Nath may be false.

Earlier on Saturday, Alok Nath was given anticipatory bail in a rape case, and now the sessions court in Mumbai said that there are chances that the veteran actor was falsely accused. According to a news report by Hindustan Times, Judge SS Oza said that the writer and director Vinita Nanda may have delayed the filing a formal complaint of rape intentionally for her own benefit.

Judge Oza said in his order, “Vinita Nanda remembered the entire incident but she did not remember the date and month of the incident.” The judge also said that how early a victim or informant files an FIR show his or her truthfulness. He said that without prompt filing, there are chances that the lodged against the accused may become “colored or exaggerated”. Or it may be the case that whole of the story is concocted.

By following observations, Oza added that it is not enough to make an inference that Alok Nath has been falsely accused in that case.

Alok Nath applied for an anticipatory bail on December 14 last year which finally was approved by the Mumbai Court.

According to another news report by The New Indian Express, The court said, “So far as the reason to delay in lodging the FIR is concerned, the complainant stated in the report itself that she consulted with her friends regarding lodging of report but they told her that applicant (Nath) is a big actor and all her companies were already shut, therefore no one would believe her story, hence, she did not file the complaint.

Thus, nothing on record to show that the applicant has given any threat or made any promise for not lodging the report. Thus, it reveals that complainant did not lodge the report immediately after the
alleged incident of her own benefit.”

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