“Pappu’s Pappi” BJP Minister made comments on Priyanka Gandhi, Mamta Bannerjee

“Pappu’s Pappi” BJP Minister made comments on Priyanka Gandhi, Mamta Bannerjee

In a shameful act of sexism, union culture minister Mahesh Sharma called Priyanka Gandhi Vadra “Pappu’s Pappi”. He was addressing people in a public meeting while he made these sexist remarks.
A video surfaced on the Internet in which the BJP Minister was seen speaking on the mike. “Pappu (Rahul Gandhi) says he wants to become a PM. Mayawati, Akhilesh Yadav and now Pappu’s Pappi have also come. Wasn’t Priyanka a daughter of the nation before? Wasn’t she Congress’ daughter?” said Sharma.
The public meeting was organized in Uttar Pradesh’s Sikandrabad area. The Minister is on his election campaign, as the elections are just a month far away.
Mahesh Sharma also made comments on West Bengal Chief Minister and Karnataka’s Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy. He said, “Even if Mamata Banerjee came here and did the Kathak and the Karnataka CM sang a song, who will watch.”
At the end of the video, he is seen calling Narendra Modi “Our Lion Narendra Modi”.
There is no apology came from the minister or the party, till now.

Ironically, he is the same the person who criticized another BJP leader when the leader compared Priyanka Gandhi with Hindu Mythical Demon “Surpankha”. When a leader called Rahul Gandhi as Ravana and Priyanka Gandhi as Surpankha, Sharma said, “The BJP is a party with discipline. If a person, be it an MLA or anybody else, makes any derogatory statement against any daughter of this nation, we do not support it. Neither the prime minister nor our government or our party president has ever supported such statements.”
Irony may die many times after seeing this, but the hypocrisy and sexism of our ministers won’t. 
And this is not the first time when some BJP leader has made shameful derogatory comments on Priyanka Gandhi. Just a month ago, BJP leader Harish Dwivedi commented on Priyanka Gandhi’s clothes. He said, “Rahul fail hain toh Priyanka bhi fail hain. Jab Priyanka Gandhi Delhi mein rehti hain toh jeans aur top mein rehti hai aur jab shetra mein aati hain toh saree aur sindoor laga kar aati hain.”

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