“People hate other parties for their negativity”, says Narendra Modi

According to a PTI report, Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with some BJP workers on video conference call on Saturday and made interesting remarks on other political parties.
Without calling anyone’s name, PM Modi attacked other parties' leaders and accused them as "lying machines who fire lies like an AK47 fires bullets”.
Prime Minister Modi was interacting with the BJP workers of the Bulandshehar, Kota, Korba, Sikar and Tikamgarh Lok Sabha constituency via video conferencing.

     "BJP is the only party who is working day and night to change India’s destiny"

He said that the masses hate other parties for their negativity. People don’t respect other parties. He said that any of the BJP workers should not worry about the opposition alliance in the upcoming 2019 Lok Sabha election.
Pointing to Rahul Gandhi, without mentioning his name, PM Modi said some politicians give different figures on the same day, how can people trust such politicians. People know the truth, he added.
Modi said that BJP is the only party who is working day and night to change India’s destiny, while other parties are just assuring that their dynasties are protected,
“They are concerned that they should leave something behind for their own next generation” he added.
The Prime minister requested party workers to install Narendra Modi app in their smartphones so that they can stay updated about the BJP government’s work. He said that workers should also publicise it to the masses. He also asked them to compare the government’s work to that of previous governments, as people tend to forget about the past.
In his address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also talked about India’s ease of doing the business ranking. The Prime Minister boasted the country’s rank as it has been uplifted from a rank of 142 to 77 in four years.

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