“The main issue is how to defeat BJP,” said Akhilesh Yadav

“The main issue is how to defeat BJP,” said Akhilesh Yadav

Samajwadi party Chief, former Chief Minsiter of Uttar Pradesh and one of the youngest faces of United Opposition, Mr Akhiklesh Yadav, gave an interview to the news agency PTI. In his interview, Yadav cleared his party’s stances on possibilty of coaltion with congress, possible PM face and much more.
Here are few excerpts and major take outs from the interview:
Possibilities of Coalition with Congress?
Yadav didn’t rule out the possibility of a coalition, and neither did he said that there are chances of a coalition. However, he said that both the parties have good relations and he would be “happy” if the next Prime Minister comes out of his state. So, Akhilesh clearly said that he is seeing Rahul Gandhi as the potential candidate of next Prime Minister.
After-polls coalition?
Yadav was asked that if he have a plan of changing his mind after election results. To which Yadav replied, “We can't answer it right now. We will answer it after the elections. But I can say this much that the country wants a new prime minister and it will have one after polls".
The arithmatic of elections:
"If you take out the number of seats (in Lok Sabha) representing Uttar Pradesh, you will notice that the BJP government doesn't have the majority. BJP keeps talking about social engineering. So, I also decided to correct my poll arithmetic and did it through this alliance," said Akhilesh Yadav when asked about his plan of how he is going to achieve a majority.
Rahul as next PM?
"Anybody from any part of the country can become the next prime minister. But it would be good if the next PM is from Uttar Pradesh because there is a notion that those who want to become PM fights from UP or increases its tally from this state," stated Yadav. This could be Yadav’s long term vision. He is relatively younger than his rivals and has a long political carrier ahead of him. So, he may not be contesting in 2019 elections, but speculating about the elections next to 2019 elections.

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