“Tipu Jayanti celebration is just to satisfy Muslim Community,” says Karnataka BJP chief

“Tipu Jayanti celebration is just to satisfy Muslim Community,” says Karnataka BJP chief


President of Bharatiya Janta Party Karnataka wing and former Chief Minister of Karnataka said on Thursday that the BJP is opposing to celebrate the birth anniversary of Tipu Sultan. Now, Tipu Sultan was a ruler who ruled Mysuru in the 18th century. His birth anniversary falls on the tenth of November.


BS Yeddyurappa put forth his views on Social platform Twitter. He tweeted, “We are opposing Tipu Jayanti celebration. Nobody will appreciate this celebration. In the interest of the state, the state government must stop it. Government’s intention behind the Tipu Jayanti celebration is just to satisfy the Muslim Community.”




The announcement of Tipu Jayanti celebration was made by Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy on First of November. He said in the press conference that the Government is bound to celebrate Tipu Sultan’s Birth Anniversary. They will do it despite Bharatiya Janta Party’s opposition.


Kumaraswamy also said that this government will also continue the programmes that were initiated by the previous government. “Because the Bhartiya Janta Party objects to certain things, that simply does not mean that we all should stop doing them”, he added.


Kannada Cultural Minister added fuel to the hot debate and said if anything grim will happen, it will be the responsibility of Bhartiya Janta Party.


The Bhartiya Janta Party and other Hindu Outfits are opposing this celebration since 2014. This plan of celebrating Tipu Jayanti was started by the Congress government in 2014. BJP is protesting against it since then. In a clash between the Muslim Community and a Hindu outfit, 2 people died when the Hindu outfit tried to stop Muslim group.


Hindutvawadi group are calling Tipu Sultan a Muslim tyrant who butchered Hindus mercilessly.

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