"Will Accept Stalin as Leader If DMK Takes Me Back" – Alagiri climb-down

MK Alagiri, the expelled DMK leader has said that he would accept MK Stalin his younger brother as his leader if they took him back to the party as a sign of capitulation after almost four years since he is out of the cold. The 67-year-old MK Alagiri said, "We are ready to join the DMK... It is obvious that I accept him (Stalin) as my leader,"

However, last week the scenario was different when Alagiri stated in a tougher tone that he had warned the party about the consequences if they didn’t take him back to the party without any specification. The former union minister has now even organized a peace march to his father’s grave on the Marina Beach in Chennai on 5th September that is the event that will be seen by the DMK as a protest against them.

The older son of the former chief minister and DMK patriarch M Karunanidhi – Alagiri was expelled from the party in 2014 for the anti-party activities after he rebelled openly against his father for projecting his brother Stalin as the successor. He added that he will only accept his father Karunanidhi as his leader and no one else.

After the death of his father earlier this month, Alagiri made an appearance at the memorial services where he claimed that the “loyalists of Karunanidhi are on my side”. He even stated that he wanted a back at the party but he also made a contradictory statement at every given instance. He even called himself as a true DMK then he asked to be readmitted to the party.

However, on Tuesday, the 65-year-old MK Stalin was elected as the president of the party with the smooth takeover with the suggestion that his brother challenge has no teeth or substance to it. He really enjoys the hold over a party that he was running for a few years now since Karunanidhi was wheelchair-bound and faded out of the public’s life.

The leaders of the DMK party were unwilling to take Alagiri back to their party even if he returns to his family. However, the comment of Alagiri gave us all an idea of how reluctant Stalin was. "We are ready to join the party, the current leadership is not willing to let us join the party. I have the support of the cadre." "If I wish to join the party, I'll have to accept him as a leader, right?"

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