10 Chinese Dishes you have to try in Delhi

10 Chinese Dishes you have to try in Delhi

Give your taste buds a tour of the culinary Chinese dishes famous in the capital city, Delhi. Chinese dining is known to be the best in Delhi after China. Whether it’s a Chinese food-joint or an authentic Chinese restaurant, the ambiance they provide is extremely welcoming. So, if you are planning your next visit to Delhi or you live here, you should be aware of the best Chinese dishes served in the capital. Let’s walk you through a quick guide on popular Chinese dishes in the city:

1. Chilli Chicken from Delhi Club House
Known to be the best party starter, chilli chicken is a signature dish in Delhi. The main ingredients of this dish are garlic, ginger, onions, green chillies, soy marinade, and the most important is the succulent chicken. Walk in to the Chicken chilli corner or Delhi Club House in New Delhi for the best chilli chicken.

2. Manchurian from QD’s
Almost loved by everyone, Manchurian is made up by infusing various elements. Different types of dumplings (made of cauliflower, vegetables, meat, or cheese) are tossed in a special sauce and then served to people. You can get the best variety of Manchurian at the QD’s restaurant in New Delhi.

3. Chilli Garlic Chowmein from Hawkers
Known as ch?u-mèing in China, the Indian version is famous by the name of chowmein. You get the best pan-fried noodles at Hawkers in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi.  

4. Manchow Soup from House of Ming
Manchow soup is a spicy soup prepared by adding some soy sauce and finely chopped vegetables with strong flavours of ginger and garlic. The garnishing of fried noodles to this soup gives it a different flavour. Berco’s in Connaught Place and House of Ming near The India Gate serves the best manchow soup in Delhi.  

5. Spring Rolls from The Rolling Joint
Known as spring rolls in India, their Chinese name is  Ch?n Ju?n. This fried snack filled with lots of vegetables or cheese are served at almost every street food-joint in Delhi. You can also make a visit to The Rolling Joint at the Connaught Place for delicious spring rolls with great ambiance.  

6. Szechwan from The China Garden
The Szechuan sauce has become the most preferred sauce of Indians. Made with dried red chillies, garlic, and shallots, the sauce acts as an accompanying element served with every Chinese snack. The China Garden located at the Connaught Place offers the best Szechuan sauce in Delhi.

7. Darsaan from The China Kitchen, Hyatt
It’s a Chinese dessert made with flattened egg noodles cut into stripes, which are then deep-fried and tossed in honey. They are garnished with sesame seeds and ice-cream. In Delhi, this dessert is served at most of the restaurants. The China Kitchen at Hotel Hyatt Regency serves the yummiest Darsaan in Delhi.

8.  American Chopsuey from Big Wong
Deep fried noodles tossed with capsicum and cabbage and served with a sweet chilli garlic sauce. This Chinese dish is very famous in Delhi and a must try for everyone. Big Wong restaurant at the Nehru place has the best American Chopsuey in Delhi.

9.  Fried Rice from Spezia Bistro
Rice lovers cannot afford to miss this Chinese dish on a trip to Delhi. Fried rice are made with a lot of vegetables and soya sauce adds the delighting element in the rice. Egg fried rice and chicken fried rice are also very famous in the streets of Delhi. Spezia Bistro at GTB Nagar has the best variety of fried rice in Delhi.

10.  Date Pancakes from The All American Diner
Many fried layers of dough are first stuffed with dates and then served with a scoop of ice cream. This dessert is a mouth-watering one if one tastes at once. Best date pancakes are served in Delhi. The All American Diner at the Lodhi road has these special date pancakes in Delhi.  

Many cuisines are famous in India and Delhi is known to be a food hub. Punjabi, Bengali, South-Indian and many other varieties of food are served in Delhi, but when one hears of ‘Chinese’, it is almost always accompanied with gasps. Head to these joints in Delhi for the most delectable Chinese dishes!

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