10 Places in Delhi that every momo lover needs to visit:

10 Places in Delhi that every momo lover needs to visit:

Delhi and momos is a love story for the ages! You name the filling and Delhi has it: chicken, paneer, vegetables, cheese, potato, pork, beef, etc. While every nook and corner of the capital city has a momo joint which is the go-to place for the locals, there are a few places in Delhi that are known for serving the most delicious dumplings! People travel from far ends to these momo vendors to eat these delicious stuffings of heaven with the spiciest sauce ever. We have done our research and have come up with the most popular joints in Delhi for momos where you can gorge on our favourite street food to your heart’s desire:



    Dolma Aunty Momos, Lajpat Nagar

    No trip to shopping in Lajpat Nagar can be completed without a plate or two of these delicious momos by Dolma Aunty. She has been around for a longer time than most of us can remember. The momos are super soft and the dip extremely spicy (just how Delhiites like it)



    Yeti, The Himalayan Kitchen:

    This might be the finest of places in our list! While it is more expensive than other options, the traditional Himalayan Music and the interesting menu makes up for it. Try their Newari and Aloo momos that are served with chilli and sesame sauce, and you will keep going back for more.



    Hunger Strike, Amar Colony:

    No momo list can be completed without adding this legendary outlet which serves the most delectable Tandoori momos in Town. Their crisp covering with yoghurt and mint chutney served with onions is to die for. They have opened new branches in Noida and Anand Vihar as well.



    Brown Sugar:

    If you love variety in your momo menu, this is the place to be. They serve many varieties of momos: from chicken to spinach to mushroom. We recommend the wheat momos or more popularly known as the womos that are served with the spiciest sauce ever which will leave your ears burning and heart wanting for more.



    Nagaland Stall, Dilli Haat:

    Delhiites love to end their shopping spree in Dilli Haat by lounging at the Nagaland stall and ordering their favourite momos. Go for the fried ones and a glass of fruit beer and you will not regret it. These are served with a clear soup that helps with taming the effect of the spicy dip.



    Giri Momos, Pitampura:

    If the word Mozzarella Momos makes you salivate right now, you should definitely head to this joint. The other popular varieties here are afghani momos, cheese and cocktail momos and Manchurian momos. These are extremely delicious and succulent and for a momo lover, if there is heaven on earth, it is here!



    Tee Dee, Majnu Ka Tilla:

    Known popularly as MKT or Majnu Ka Tilla, it is the best place for Chinese and Tibetan Cuisine in the city. You can choose your favourite options from chicken, beef and pork variants. Our favourite are the pork momos from Tee Dee that are extremely juicy and melt in your mouth.



    Yashwant Place:

    Fried chicken momo, steamed chicken momo, lamb momo and pork momo; there is nothing lacking in the amazing market of Yashwant place. Our personal favorite is Chimney Sizzlers (Shop number 11). Our hot tip is that the waiter will arrange for you a beer as well if you request politely. This shop is definitely ‘Jugaadu’ Delhi at it’s best!




    G It is famous for blessing the world by adding the tandoori twist to momos. While many places have started serving their version, QD’s remains an abolute favourite with Delhiites. Their classic vegetarian and tandoori chicken momos are to die for.




    We do not know the name of this place but the stall is next to the legendary Depaul’s outlet in Janpath. Order a plate of steaming hot vegetarian/paneer or chicken momos served with their super spicy sauce and enjoy it with a glass bottle of Depaul’s cold coffee.


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