211k Indian students studying in US universities

211k Indian students studying in US universities

After China, India seems to be the second country in sending its young citizens for higher studies to the US. According to the report 211703 students from India has landed in the US for education. Whereas 377070 Chinese students came to the US in the search of education. The interest among the people in these two countries for the aboard studies is immense. From the report of Indian government, over 5.54 lakhs of students move aboard to do the studies. In 86 different countries India students have been put up. What made people move to other countries for education? Why only in one particular country the number of moving out for education is more?

In the matter of united stated, the student and the exchange visitor program (SEVIS) reports that the 77% foreign students in America show Asia as their home. It seems to be that 6305 Chinese comes to the US annually and 2356 Indian students are being coming to America every year. Since these two countries show an enormous number in sending the respective citizen to the US. The rest of the countries in the world tends to report less number of students arrive to US. And the number of active male and female students is also got decreased by 5 percent says the SEVIS.

Why do so many students go in search of education to other countries than continuing the studies in their countries? This is the most prominent question arising in every people’s mind. But the exact answer can only be given by the respective governments of these two countries. When the country can offer the same course in their country based universities then what made people to invest more money in sending their children to aboard. Is it because of the “aboard studies” tag? Or the poor education system in the country?

The answer is both says another survey. Over years the students from China and India complaining about the education quality provided in the country and the job placements scarcity. Though the same syllabus and the course is being offered people feel that the level of the quality of education in the abroad seems to be more standardised. Every year the amount of students who prepares for the exam to get a seat in top foreign institutes is numerous. And the craze for the US Colleges among the students is also more. It is not all get settled in the US. some do come back to their home country and start to do work.

Yes, in India and China people do have a soft corner on the foreign return students. Even the companies do provide a good package based on the universities which they are being passed out. Another question all strikes our mind that is, do other countries show less interest in aboard education or because of the entry of the Indian and Chinese students others are not able to avail the college seats? Again the answer is both. 50% percent of Indian students are being seen in the North American college and 32% person of the students moved to European colleges. When the percentage amount is this big then answer is also being acceptable.

In the year of 2015-2016 over 1.6 lakhs students were being present in the US in different universities and later in the year 2017, the number increased 211703, nearly double the time India had sent its citizen to America. What made people fall more America? The companies, the exposure, scope of the course offered in those universities. It could be anything. Indian government must pay attention to this and figure out why students prefer to move out of the country for studies rather staying here?

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