23-year-old Telangana Man, Hacked to death just a few months after inter-caste marriage

23-year-old Telangana Man, Hacked to death just a few months after inter-caste marriage

On Saturday in Telangana’s Nalgonda district, a protest erupted when the man was brutally murdered in the suspected case of honour killing. The demonstrators called a shutdown in Miryalguda town in order to demand the justice for this 23-year-old man who was hacked to death. This is not it, he was murdered right in front of his pregnant wife just outside a local hospital.

This whole murder was captured in the CCTV footage where they show Pranav Kumar leaving the hospital premises with his 21-year-old pregnant wife Amrutha Varshini when a man suddenly attacked him from behind with a machete instantly killing him.

Amrutha was so shocked by this that she fainted and was rushed back to the hospital. Later on, during the police investigation, she stated that she have suspected the murder to be arranged by her father or uncle as they were completely against her marriage with husband due to different caste and even wanted her to get an abortion.

She added while breaking down, "I have no intention of aborting my baby. Pranay's baby is my future," "Pranay was such a nice person. He looked after me so well, especially after I became pregnant. I don't know why caste is so important in this time and age," 

The girl’s father is a businessman, Maruti Rao while her uncle Shravan is the main accused in this case and both of them are under arrest.
The couple fell in love during school days and were together during college days as well. They got married just eight months back. However, the families of both of them were not happy but they were already married and there wasn’t much to do after that. Amrutha is a daughter of Vysya caste while Pranay belongs to Madiga Scheduled Caste.

The parents of Pranay however, finally accepted this marriage after he clearly said that he is not going to leave his wife irrespective of what.
His murder has sent off the wave of shock to the whole community and has sparked u the protest from organizations that are working for the welfare of scheduled caste. Even many business and shops were shut down due to this. The murder is very much similar to the 2016 case in Tamil Nadu Tiruppur where 22-year-old Shankar was murdered in front of his wife Kaushalya. The girl’s relative along with father was convicted.

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