50 lakhs offered for the head of MLA who called Mayawati ‘worse than eunuchs’

50 lakhs offered for the head of MLA who called Mayawati ‘worse than eunuchs’

In his famous quote, Mahatma Gandhi said, “An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind”. And in a good analogy to current news, you can read it as, “A provocative statement for another provocative statement will make the whole politics dirt.”
The news is, a BSP leader replied back to BJP MLA Sadhna Singh’s remark of “worse than eunuchs” and claimed that he will give Rs 50 Lakh to the person who will bring MLA’s head.
Sadhna Singh made some strong comments about Bahujan Samaj Party Supremo Mayawati Devi and said, “Mayawati sold her dignity for the sake of power. We strongly condemn Mayawati Ji. She is a blot on womankind.”
Vijay Singh, the former BSP MLA, said, “BJP MLA Sadhna Singh should seek an apology from Behenji and women of the country, else we will protest. After collecting money from my supporters, I will give Rs 50 lakh to the person who will bring Sadhna Singh's head to me.”
The news is confirmed by a report of News Agency ANI on Tuesday.
Sadhna Singh, however, had apologised for her remarks and said that her intention was not to hurt anyone’s sentiment. And her words should not be taken in any other context.
An FIR has been filed by BSP leader Ram Chandra Gautam against Sadhna Singh.
Apart from ‘beheading’ statement, another BSP leader Satish Chandra Mishra called Sadhna Singh as a "mentally ill person".
"The language used by BJP leader Sadhana Singh against our party President Mayawati shows the level of the BJP. This shows that BJP is disappointed and frustrated with the SP-BSP alliance. They have no strength to win even a single seat in Uttar Pradesh. The level of language shows their mental illness. Such people should be admitted to the mental hospital of Agra or Bareli. The people of this country this time will show BJP its real place. They have lost their mental balance in fear of losing the election in Uttar Pradesh," said Satish Chandra about MLA Singh

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