6 Best Smart Home Devices & Systems of 2018

6 Best Smart Home Devices & Systems of 2018

A home is a home, yes, but have you ever thought of converting your home into a smart home? How would you like it, if you could switch off the light's you forgot to switch off while driving? Or switch the AC on so the rooms get cool before you enter. Smart home devices also give you the security guard you can't afford to protect your family.

Why play around the bushes and keep sighing alas if I had such a home. So, let's not waste any more time and get down to business. If not all, three from the top 6 list of home automation devices, some will definitely be part of your new smart home.

Yes, Nest Thermostat is perhaps the most popular home automation device among the automation devices, so if it's the first you can imagine just how interesting the list is going to be. 

1. Nest Thermostat

Once the Nest Thermostat is installed, forget about controlling your heating system as you will be able to access all the controls via Wi-Fi, even if you're at work. In the beginning, you may only use the on-off function to heat the boiler or set the timer, but you soon will be controlling the temperature by just using the dialer feature to adjust the temperature.

Nest Thermostat also comes with a motion sensor that picks up your habits and adjusts accordingly.

2. Honeywell Lyric Thermostat

Though Honeywell Lyric Thermostat is a replica of Nest Thermostat, the difference between them is, Honeywell Lyric Thermostat uses geofencing instead of motion detection and detects you as soon as you enter the pre-set domain. Means, it turns on-off the appliances as required. So if you're not at home, it will turn on the air conditioning so your home is cool when you come home.

If compared, Lyric does boost around that they offer much better HVAC (heating, venting and air-conditioning) compared to Nest Thermostat as it not only looks at the temperature inside the home but outside as well. It also keeps check on the humidity levels and sets the air-conditioning levels accordingly.

3. Sentri

Do you want a device that monitors the temperature of your home and works as the security system as well? Then look no further then Sentri in home automation devices. The 360-degree camera view allows you to keep a close eye on your home. Thanks to the Sentri smart app you can make a video call as well.

Another high-fi with Sentri is it costs less on installation as you don't have to hire a professional team to install the system as you can install it on your own.

4. Canary

Are you worried someone may break into your home, while you're away? Just buy Canary, and let the security guard (Canary) do its job. In fact, it even alerts you if someone is trying to enter your home. You get a camera that monitors every move in your home and it also keeps check on the humidity and air temperature. It also has a siren that chases the burglars away for you.

Canary is one of the smartest home automation device available and learns your movements soon, hence it won't alarm you when you open the door.

5. Goji

With Goji installed you get a digital smart lock that is highly advanced. It works ok both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The device sends you images of everyone who comes at your door, so if required you can open the door and let them enter even if you are not at home. Your doors lock activities are all recorded and the clip-on electronic fobs allow easy lock-unlocking of your home.

In case of a power outage, you still will be able to lock-unlock the door, but you won't be able to receive any updates.

6. Revolv

If you have installed more than 10 home automation devices then you might be in a fix on opening the wrong application to access the controls of an appliance. This is where Revolv comes into action and becomes the central control of your home.

To make Revolv your home's central control device, place it in the centre of your home and connect it to your Wi-Fi and allow it to scan your home to find all the automation devices installed. You can also add them manually the app as well.

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