8 lakh new people associated with the EPFO in March, issued figures

8 lakh new people associated with the EPFO in March, issued figures

In the organized sector, there is some relief on the employment generation front. More jobs were created in March than in February. According to the latest figures from the Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO), 8.14 lakh new jobs were received in the month of March compared to 7.88 lakh in February.
That is, 7.88 lakh new jobs were received in February. If on the basis of the year itself, in 2018-19 67.59 lakh employment opportunities were created.
According to statistics, the highest number of young people from 22 to 25 years of age were found in March 2019. Opportunities were created for 2.25 lakh employment opportunities for the people of this class.
After this, employment opportunities were created in the age group of 18 to 21 years. With the figures of 8.31 lakh in the financial year 2018-19, the highest growth rate of jobs was in January, 2019. In the initial figures released last month, this figure was stated to be 8.94 lakhs in January 2019. According to these figures, 15.52 lakh new members were added to the total EPFO ??during September, 2017 to March 2018.
Decrease in job opportunities!
The figures for the jobs released in April, 2019 were major amendments in March, 2018. There has been a decrease of 55,934 jobs in job opportunities. Regarding this shortage, the EPFO ??said that the figures of March are negative because many members have been out of it during the month. According to the EPFO, these figures are temporary.
These estimates also include temporary employees, whose contribution is not likely to be for the whole year. The figures of the members have been linked with Aadhaar identity.
Let the EPFO ??manage the employees' social security funds in organized or semi-organized areas. The number of active members is 6 million. EPFO is issuing job statistics from April, 2018. This includes figures from the period beginning September, 2017.

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