81 people kidnapped from Cameron. Most of them are children

81 people kidnapped from Cameron. Most of them are children

Reports are coming from Cameroon's Bamenda that at least 81 people are abducted/kidnapped from a school. A report came from News agency Reuters stating that according to a Government's quote, 79 children got kidnapped.

This whole incident occurred as there is a separatist movement going in that region. Separatists in Bamenda, where most of the people are English speakers, are fighting for making a separate state.

In order to persuade Governmen, separatists have closed schools, markets and have imposed a cerfew. The protest is against President Paul Birya's  Government. The government is french Speaking while the majority of the population speaks English. There is no statement from any group about the kidnappings, no group has taken responnsibilty yet. Birya is expected to take the oath for the presidential seat for the seventh consecutive time on Tuesday.

An unnamed army official said the kidnapped people were taken to some remote place.

The movements fastened after the Government crackdown on peaceful demonstrators in 2017. After the incident, many people moved from Bamenda and French-speaking areas to other cities.

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