RBI Governor should work as the Government says or resign; RSS’s Economic winghead

RBI Governor should work as the Government says or resign; RSS’s Economic winghead

RSS’s members are famous for their big mouth. Ashwani Mahajan, RSS’s Economic wing head, has proven again why they are famous so.
On Wednesday, Ashwani Mahajan while talking to the news reporters said, “RBI Governor should restrain his officials from making differences public.” “If he doesn’t follow discipline it would be better for him to resign.”, he added.

Ashwani Mahajan is the Chief of Swadeshi Jagran Manch and is often found in headlines for his poor spoken words.
This remark was made by Acharya after the speech of RBI deputy Governer given on Friday. RBI Deputy Governer Viral Acharya said, “Undermining RBI’s Independence by Government is potentially catastrophic for Indian economy.”

This game of RBI vs. Government is being in play since last 18 months or so. First, it was Raghuram Rajan who made his difference with the Government public, then it was the former chief economic adviser at the finance ministry, Arvind Subramanian. Both Raghuram Rajan and Arvind Subramanian resigned from their position amid their increasing differences with the current Government.

Ashwani Mahajan said that the RBI should oppose any appointment of the foreign-trained economist in order to support nationalism in RBI.

According to the Economics Times, there was an exchange between RBI Governer and The government regarding the direction of Indian Economic Policy. The Government said, “An essential and accepted governance is required in RBI”
Some local TV channels reported that amid this tug of war, RBI governor Urjit Patel possibly could resign.
Earlier these disputes were behind the doors but after the speech of Viral Acharya, every argument is made on public display.
Till now, there is no official reply from RBI in response to Ashwani Mahajan. But, the possible reply could be, “What on earth has RSS to do with RBI, Urjit Patel and his resignation !”

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