A family planning for Muslims is must in order to maintain National Security: Shiv Sena

A family planning for Muslims is must in order to maintain National Security: Shiv Sena

Ultra right-wing group Shiv Sena is asking for a family planning programme for Muslims. The group is saying that keeping the Muslims families small is necessary to ensure stability in India and maintaining national security.

Not stopping at the advocacy, Shiv Sena also claimed that the rise in Muslim Population creates “unrest in the country and challenges to national security”. The Sena claimed so in its magazine Saamana's last edition.

Shiv Sena published a report from BSF to the Home Ministry which emphasis on the data that claims that Muslim Population is rising along the border with Pakistan in Jaisalmer District of Rajasthan. The editorials in the magazine write, "The population of Indian Muslims is burgeoning at the speed of the bullet train, and enforcing family planning [on them] is the only solution,”


The editorial piece in the Saamana magazine also suggested Hindus must dismiss "Hum Do Humare Do" policy. The editorial suggests that Hindus should produce more offspring to counter Muslims and make a balance in the society.

Quoting Telegraph's news report on BSF report, "the presence of radical elements who are suspected to be luring local people to pass on information relating to military movements”.

The Shiv Sena, who also happens to be an ally of Bhartiya Janta Party, criticised BJP for not checking the rise of Muslim Population in its states. The Shiv Sena claimed that BJP's governed states are no different than the states which are governed by Congress, Communist Party of India or Trinamool Congress.

Hinting at Muslim population the Shiv Sena asked BJP, “The national president of the BJP keeps making speeches about how he will remove illegal citizens from India and drive out intruders, but what about the ‘green invaders’ at the border in Rajasthan?”

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