A Hidden Message to BJP In the ‘Thank You’ to Rahul Gandhi by Nitish Kumar’s party

A Hidden Message to BJP In the ‘Thank You’ to Rahul Gandhi by Nitish Kumar’s party

On Sunday, the members of Nitish Kumar’s party thanked Rahul Gandhi formally for his speech at Jantar Mantar on Saturday while the leaders of JDU were steering clear of any of the personal attack on the Chief Minister of Bihar. This whole situation is the first when the party reached out to Congress for help after ending up their Grand Alliance in Bihar last July to make a new partnership with BJP in order to form a government. However, on seeing the party front, the gesture is rude for the ally BJP and an upset part message to the big government.

At Jantar Mantar, the leaders were gathered to protest against Muzaffarpur child rape was an initiative that was taken by the Bihar opposition leader Tejashwi Yadav in order to discredit the running government of Kumar during which many of the leaders came forward to make sure that to ask for the resignation from the Chief Minister.

But the Congress President surprised them all by saying, "If Nitish Kumar is really ashamed, he should quickly take action... Prove it by your work,"

On Sunday, there was a press conference at Delhi that was attended by the senior JD(U) leader KC Tyagi who praised Gandhi and called “measured and balanced speech”. He even said that "stern action on the issue expected from Nitish-Ji is taking place and the results will be there for all to see".

His publically show of gratitude has come in the tacit criticism from the Bihar Government over the rape case of Muzaffarpur that is claimed by JD(U) as the fallout of Kumar’s censure of the ministers of the BJP.

Even the displeasure has come forward from the Chief Minister who said that this whole attempt is to divide the society that has cleared the remarks to make BJP embarrassed of their decision and words.

There was certain news about the on-going rift between BJP and Kumar’s party from the last months for the upcoming elections seat sharing that made Amit Shah visit Patna soon to settle out the things with Kumar.

The meeting was held twice in a day where Amit Shah stated that the opposition should stop drooling about any type of infighting as it has not at all happened. He even stated that the parties will fight together and will win 40 seats in the state.


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