A joke made on Cristiano Ronaldo by Donald Trump falls flat on him

A joke made on Cristiano Ronaldo by Donald Trump falls flat on him

With so many things happening, it will be safe to say that Trump is really on fire this day. He is targeting almost everyone whether a person is a well-known figure or a common citizen of any nation. Everyone is under his radar. Recently, Donald Trump, President of US, cracked a joke targeting Cristiano Ronaldo, Portuguese soccer star and a well-known figure around the Earth. He claimed that Ronaldo will be running for the President against unescapable Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa who simply revert that there is the difference between Portugal and US and they are like the US.

On Wednesday, everything started with a normal conversation about the ongoing World Cup between Rebelo de Sousa, who was on an official visit to Washington and Donald Trump turned to reveal the blunt contrast between the political cultures.

During his first bilateral meeting with Donald Trump, President, Rebelo de Sousa mocked that Donal Trump talking on the World Cup during the time of his upcoming summit with Vladimir Putin, Russian President, he must mention that Portugal is still there and hopes to win…

His actual statement in White House to Trump was “Don't forget that Portugal has the best player in the world who is called Cristiano Ronaldo,"

Trump was aware of the Portugal gameplay and knew that they actually are doing really well in the game. He even asked how the star player Cristiano is a good player. Even on the statement made by Rebelo de Sousa directly stating that Ronaldo is the best player in the world, it triggered something in Trump. He simply asked away whether Cristiano is going to run for the election of President against him or not.

To this statement, Rebelo de Sousa took few minutes to answer him while pondering on his thoughts. During this time, Trump assured his that Cristiano won’t be able to win against him and even he knew it.

After his reassurance, Rebelo de Sousa simply said, President, you know -- you know something -- I must tell you, Portugal is not like the US. It's a little different."

The conversation took a turn into the most difficult topic where they both had no idea what will be the better choice for them. However, later on, the conversation flowed normally to the other topic but with the bugging in their mind.

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