A little note of love to thyself | Self Care

A little note of love to thyself | Self Care

Today, and every other day there is something that needs to be cared for and attended to with extreme sensitivity. It needs to be energised, revitalised and replenished to face the big wide harsh world and the tiring worldly chores. What is it? What is it that needs so much strength and support? The answer is YOU! It is your very own mind, body and soul! You, as a precious individual, needs love, care, peace and undivided attention. And you, yourself are the one who can fulfill your need for a healthy mind, soul and body. Here we assist you with some ways that help one nurture and nourish to ensure that they flourish.
1) Pursue a hobby:- Nothing beats the joy of doing what you love to do. Your hobby comes to your rescue every single time your life seems to be running on the same track day in and day out without a break in routine. Unburden yourself with a dance move, a stroke of the art brush, singing a rhythm or two, reading a novel, skating through the lanes, penning down a poetry and the list of these delightful activities is endless! It is radical to break the monotony of life and indulge in some activity that replenishes your soul and not just your bank account.
2) Meditate:- However mundane it may sound or feel, meditation is the mantra that has more than often helped people maintain their sanity. The hustle and bustle of our ever throbbing lifestyles is not devoid of stress, anxiety and worries. Riddance from these negativities is extremely vital. Physical strength holds no value if you are crumbling emotionally and mentally. Just like you need to eat, drink and sleep to keep your body healthy and rejuvenated, you need to meditate to keep your mind healthy as well as wealthy.

You must meditate to enrich yourself with the wealth of positivity, confidence, peace and emotional strength. So the next time you feel broken and torn, go and chant 
an “OM” :-)
3) Tour and Travel:- Just like that, for no rhyme or reason, surprise yourself one day and set out to explore a dreamy destination. Pack your bags and set out on the journey of rejuvenation. Relax and rewind at a hill station, treat yourself at a resort, go trekking on the mountains, build castles on the beach or merely take a stroll on the quiet lanes of an unknown destination. Traveling can heal your mind and soul. New places and faces can sprinkle some real magic in your life!
4) Indulge in your favourite food and drink:- Once in a while, treat yourself at your favourite cafe. Sip your favourite coffee or bite into your favourite pizza. Give all the healthy diets a ditch and let yourself drown in all the lip smacking flavours on your platter. Once in a while, food does work like therapy. So, the next time you feel low, visit a restaurant and not a doctor, may be!
5) Go for a solo walk:- A quick hack to overcome all the anxiety. Find a tranquil spot and spend moments with yourself. Spend some moments in. Talk to yourself, take deep breaths. Believe in what your mind tells you. Self-talks work like magic. One feels empowered and confident.
6) Volunteer for a cause:- Channelise your resources to a cause or a mission that is close to your heart. Selflessly work towards the society and contribute towards fighting against the evils that prevail there. In your journey towards making life easy for others, before you know, your own life will be taken care of. Caring for fellow humans is the best form of self-care.

There never has existed a human whose life has been a bed of roses. However, you can be that human who does not give up and drown when the sea is facing a storm! You can be that human who fights the stress and cares for self. You can be that human who respects and loves his/her own life. Because you are precious. You are unique!

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