A scene of Panic witnessed, Indian shot in the US, “everyone ducked, Sharath Ran”

A scene of Panic witnessed, Indian shot in the US, “everyone ducked, Sharath Ran”

An Indian student, Sharath Koppu is killed in the shooting that occurs in the US. He even tried to run away from an armed robber but was shot in the back. The people around witnesses the scene at a restaurant where he used to work for a living.

The J’s Fish and Chicken Market owner, Shahid stated after going through the CCTV footage of the whole incident, "There were five people working in the restaurant on Friday evening when the suspect walked in. He pushed a customer standing in front of him and pulled out a gun. The others ducked behind the counter but Sharath turned around and began to run in the opposite direction when the gunman opened fire. Sharath was shot in the back and soon fell to the ground," 

The brief clip from the footage was released by the Kansas City Police Department. They are seeking help in identifying the accused in order to catch the suspect as soon as possible. In the clips, it is clearly seen that a man in a brown and white striped t-shirt. The clip is just moments before the shooting started in the restaurant.

“There were three customers too and we all ducked for cover. We heard three-four shots and Sharath was shot in the back. The gunman soon escaped and we then called 911." Another man said that worked in the restaurant but requested to be unnamed.

The police have requested everyone with information to call on the helpline number 816-234-5043 or 816-474-8477 which is a TIPS hotline. They are even offering a total reward of $10,000 for the person that can put them a step near to the murderer.

As per the people investigated, everyone has stated that Sharath Koppu was a warm, cheerful and also a person who was ready to help everyone in need. He is an Indian that has moved to the US to complete his studies.

Koppu was from district Warangal Telangana and was a graduate from an engineering college. He was in the US to complete his master’s degree at the University of Missouri-Kansas City at the start of the year. He left his job in Hyderabad as a Software engineer to move to the US to get it done with his degree. The shooting is not clear till now but it is said that things will clear out soon if they get a single lead.

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