A simple guide to know US mid-term elections

A simple guide to know US mid-term elections

America is going to vote on 6 November. Here is your quick guide to what is the mid-term election and why does it matter.

Why called mid-termd elections?

Donald Trump was elected as President Two years ago and the next election will be held after two years. So, this election falls in the mid line of Trump’s Governance.



What seats are on the stake?

The election will choose new members of Congress. (Here Congress means House of Representatives and the senates).


What does Congress do?

The congress consists of House of Representatives and the senates. They both work together to write and pass bills and laws in the US.


Who is in charge now?

There are only two parties in the US. The Republican party and The Democratic party. The Republicans support Donald Trump, and currently, they are in charge of both Houses.


Why does it even matter?

For Republicans, winning in the elections means that voters still trust Donald Trump. For Democrats, winning means that they can block, delay or even cancel Donald Trump’s plans. Wondering what ‘plans’? Remember the famous statement of Trump, “WE will build Wall”. Trump wants to build a wall on the Mexico-US border. This wall plan has to be approved by congress.


What if 50-50 happens?

Let’s think of a hypothetical scenario where The Republicans win in the house of representatives and the Democrats win The Senate. What would happen then?

In simple words, it would look like a traffic jam. Half of the cars coming from the North, half coming from the south and going nowhere.


What if Democrats win?

If Democrats win in both houses, they will try to impeach Donald Trump (Last time Bill Clinton was impeached, though later he was cleared by Senates). Trump is not so popular in America. His Anti-immigrant policies are causing much harm than any good. So, chances are high that a number from Congress would love to see Donald trump impeached.

What next?

Once Trump is removed, Vice-President Mike Pence will replace his chair. And half of the world will sing in chorus, HALLELUJAH …..


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