A US man was shot in a tent while he was camping with this 2 young daughters

A US man was shot in a tent while he was camping with this 2 young daughters

On Friday, the campsite was visited by the Sheriff’s deputies around 5 a.m. This shattered the pre-dawn quiet at the Malibu Creek State Park which is said be a popular gateway that is less than 30 miles west of the Beverley Hills, California.

There, they visited a site where two tents were made several yards from each other. A 25-years-old man Tristan Beaudette was found in one of the tents with one gunshot wound on his upper torso as reported by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

As reported by the CBS Log Angeles, the two daughters were also found in the tent unharmed physically.

Beaudette was reportedly dead before the team arrives. The California, Irvine resident was camping with his daughters, who were left physically unharmed without a single wound on their body.

This tragic news was broken on the weekend at the state park that is known most of due to the serene views trials and proximity to the Los Angeles. All Friday, the investors were in and out of the park even after dark to collect leads or evidence. Even a sheriff’s helicopter was seen flying overhead, while the police dog sniffed the area to check for things beneficial. The crime scene is closed off by the yellow police tape. A fire pit was seen near the campsite which was surrounded by several camp chairs including a purple and teal child-size chair.

On Sunday, authorities stated that there are no motive, suspects or lead in the case of shooting a man during the camping. They only believe that daughters were with him when the man was shot dead.

On Sunday, Lt. Rodney Moore told the Los Angeles Times, "The theory we are working with is he was shot inside the tent," "The children were inside the tent, too." On Monday, the Los Angeles County Sherriff’s Department added that there are no details to the pending release the active homicide investigation. It is reported that the family was on camping except for his wife.

Erica Wu, his wife was studying for an exam scheduled for the next morning to arrive at the site. Even they were to move to Bay Area to join for their new jobs. The Malibu Creek State Park will be closed for the coming week as announced by the state park officials.

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