AAP is not something we have to worry about: Sheila Dixit dismissed news of AAP-Congress alliance.

AAP is not something we have to worry about: Sheila Dixit dismissed news of AAP-Congress alliance.

Congress selected Sheila Dixit as the new state president of Congress in Delhi just a week ago. Dixit – who is a three-time Delhi Chief Minister – was considered as the kind of old guard leader who can agree upon making an alliance with Aam Admi Party to weaken the position of Delhi.
But, proving all the speculations wrong, Dixit said that Congress is capable of running elections on its own.
Dixit talked to media on a range of topics, all related to upcoming elections. The major questions and their answers in the press meeting of the former Delhi Chief Minister are as follows:
Alliance with AAP?
“There is no question of aligning with them after what they have done. I have always had the opinion that the Congress must stay away and fight on its own. We can do it and it’s not difficult. We just have to be together and fight.
The AAP is not something we have to worry about. It’s a political party that is confined to Delhi. Where is its presence in other states? Where is it in Gujarat or Rajasthan? It’s a small party and will come and go.”
Is there a need of ‘Mahagathbandhan’?
“Come and spend a day with me. The Congress cannot be ignored. Regional parties are not getting power. Just because they won seats, doesn’t mean they are powerful and just because we lost elections, doesn’t mean we are finished.”
SP-BSP alliance said they don’t trust Congress?
“What do you mean they don’t trust the party? I would just like to say one thing. The development you see in India today, what you see around you, is because of the Congress. Who else has been here? The BJP has come now.”
Isn’t PM Modi invincible?
“I don’t think he is invincible. It’s only in the media. Many are not allowed to say anything openly which is why people are not saying it. But he is certainly not the kind of leader we should have.” She added that the Congress would “certainly try” to defeat Modi but “it’s up to the high command to decide what has to be done and what doesn’t have to be done”.

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