AAP looks at Haryana For Expansion After Punjab

AAP looks at Haryana For Expansion After Punjab

AAP has been into politics for many years now. The name it has achieved in Delhi and Punjab is highly remarkable. However, after the accomplished, AAP is looking forward to an expansion and its target is set in Haryana.

No party has made an official announcement on the number of seats they are planning to challenge for the polls for Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan. However, AAP party chief has claimed that they will fight for a total of 10 parliamentary constituencies and 90 assembly seats in Haryana for the election of 2019. He made this statement last week during the launch event of Mission 2019 in Kurukshetra.

Even though the party was not able to win the assembly elections in Punjab last year still the party is seeing Haryana as the people that have potential to fulfil their expansion plans. As per the sources, Kejriwal has to be to the state twice in the span of two months. The Rajya Sabha MP and Party chief will start the preparations for a rally in the state.

Party is reasoning this as a connection of Kejriwal with the soil of the state. Apart from that, it is also due to the new addition to the Rajya Sabha MPs Sushil Gupta (Jind) and ND Gupta (Bhiwani).

Gupta, businessmen and former Congress member, actively participate in social cause and is running educational institutes and hospitals in Haryana and Delhi. This can play a big part in the elections of Haryana and change the way of results. However, Canal issue has put Kejriwal in the tight spot for the Punjab elections that makes them depend on Haryana. 

The main points that can actually help AAP in bagging the votes in Haryana are the work they have done in Delhi in the sector of health and education. Anyways, nothing can be said as for now but the elections have started to take a clang on everyone.

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