AAP raises questions over deal involving Anil Ambani, called it a ‘Mega Scam’

AAP raises questions over deal involving Anil Ambani, called it a ‘Mega Scam’

The Aam Aadmi Party welcomed the verdict of Delhi High Court in the case where Delhi Metro Rail Corporation had to give a compensation amount of 3500 crores to an Anil Ambani Company. The party called for a press conference and called the deal a ‘financial fraud’.
The statement released by AAP says that the High Court verdict saved the DMRC from a fraud. It also alleged that BJP is shielding Anil Ambani’s owned company from a probe.
What was the case?
DMRC and DAMEPL ( A Reliance subsidiary) had a deal to build and run the Delhi Airport express line. Ambani’s company found some defects in the line and terminated the contract.
After terminating, the company demanded all revenues generated from the line as a concession.
DMRC took the case to Delhi High Court and a single judge bench found DMRC on the fault and ordered DMRC to pay 3500 crores to DAEMPL.
Now, another bench two judges have overturned the verdict and have set aside the arbitration.
Is BJP again favouring Ambani?
AAP alleged that though the ‘fraud’ was done in Congress era, BJP is trying to save Ambani’s company from any investigation. AAP had suggested Centre Government put CBI into the matter but the government declined the request.
The statement says, “It is extremely surprising as to why the Modi government at the Centre did not accept the Delhi government recommendation for a CBI probe into this highly suspect and dubious deal.
What raises further suspicion is that why is the Modi government protecting the suspect deal of the previous Congress government ?” 
AAP’s demands
  • The AAP demands that an inquiry by a high-level team of experts is necessary to ascertain how 15,051 cracks were found in the Metro tracks and 149 defective twists were found in the girders.
  • This probe should also find out how the Airport Express Line which was originally designed to run at a speed of 120 kmph, had to be reduced its speed to 50 kmph due to defects in civil construction.
  • Separately (given the alarming proportions of negligence and corruption) an independent expeditious criminal investigation is required to find out the truth as to how such a huge conspiracy was hatched to play with the lives of Metro commuters and cause a mega-loss to the public exchequer to merely help a private company which cheated the people of Delhi.

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