AAP will contest against dictator Govt of Modi and Shah: Gopal Rai

AAP will contest against dictator Govt of Modi and Shah: Gopal Rai

New Delhi: The ruling party in Capital, Aam Admi Party, called a press conference in New Delhi on Friday. Gopal Rai, AAP leader and minister of Employment and labour, told the press that party called  for a meeting and future strategies were discussed.
The minister told the reporters that the party has decided in the meeting that it is going contest against Amit Shah and Narendra Modi in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.
“AAP will contest in the elections in the states where Aam Admi Party has strong grounds,” Gopal Rai added.
Rai also alleged on BJP that it looted the hard earned money of farmers. Congress, similar to BJP, promised to waive the loans of poor farmers, but it took a U-turn after forming Govt in three states.
According to Rai, the three major issues that were discussed the AAP members meeting were:
1. India got its constitution after a long and bloody battle against the British. But the BJP is ruling as a dictator, against Democracy. The party executive members decided that they will bear this no more, and will contest against BJP in order to save Democracy.
2. Aam Admi Party will contest in the states, where its grounds are solid. The party will do everything it can, in order to save India from BJP.
3. BJP looted poor farmers in the name of ‘Fasal Bima Yojana’. And Congress did the same. Congress promised to waiver the farmers’ loans in all the three states where it won. But it seems now that Congress is taking backfoot on the issue of Farmers. Congress has added many ‘Ifs and Buts’ in the loan waiver policy, and as a result, only a number of loans are waivered, not all of them. AAP will try to coerce BJP and Congress to fulfil their promises.

Famers’ leader Rampal Jat was also present in the conference. He said to the reporters that both Congress and BJP have betrayed the farmers. “BJP took the money in the name of Fasal Bima Yojana but when it came to giving the money, they turned their faces,” added Rampal.

“Prime Minister Modi said that a  minimum profit of 50% to the cost will be given to the farmers, but it was a lie. Farmers are getting only 20% of that.
Farmers are freezing in the cold on the roads since last week. But still, they are not getting paid for their crops,” alleged Rampal.

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