Afghanistan: 30 policemen dead in Taliban attack.

Afghanistan: 30 policemen dead in Taliban attack.


According to a new report by AP news, 30 policemen are killed in an attack by Taliban militants. Afghan government officials said that the attack happened exactly in Farah province of Afghan on Thursday. Provincial council member Dadullah Qani said the attack was done by Taliban in Night otherwise things could have to get in control. They attacked the police camp in Khaki Safed District on the night of Wednesday. The firing continued for many hours.
Farah District Police Commander Abdul also got killed in the attack, confirmed Lawmaker Samiullah Samim to Kabul a media person.

ToloNews reported that local officials in Farah province said the Taliban captured three checkpoints in Shewan, Garani and Aab Khormay areas of Bala Blook district. Many security forces of the area also confirmed that there have been some deaths, but none of them assigned a number.

Mohibullah, who is the leader of great name and a spokesperson for Jabhar in Kabul said that that there was some fight in Peshtkoh district in the night. He said that during the fight, both Taliban militants and security force personnel got killed. He didn’t confirm the number of dead on any sides.

According to a report by Pajhwok Afghan News, “While this clash was taking place near Kabul, at least nine Afghan Army soldiers and five Taliban militants thwarted each other in a clash near Sayedabad district of Maidan Wardak province on Wednesday.”

Provincial governor’s spokesperson Mr Hekmat Durani said to the media that Taliban militants attacked a police camp in Mangali area of the district and captured it temporarily. But the militants were stopped by the security forces on spot.

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