Almost no one noticed this special thing in Priyanka Gandhi’s first speech?

The most awaited leader of India Politics, Priyanka Gandhi, finally gave her first speech. And there was a peculiar thing in her speech.
The All India Congress Committee's General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra addressed a Jan Sankalp Rally in Gujarat. Many other leaders like Rahul Gandhi, Manmohan Singh and HD Dve Gowda were present on the stage.
Ms. Vadra’s speech was special in many senses. First, it was her first speech after her arrival in formal politics. Second, her delivery was much calmer than that of Rahul Gandhi. Rahul is more on the offensive mode in this elections. But contrary to this, Priyanka was talking calmly about peace, harmony in the country.
And the other thing that made the speech stood out from the other was that Priyanka started it with, “Behano or Bhaiyon....”
Usually, speakers start a speech with Bhaiyon (male) and not Behano (Female). This was a small gesture by Priyanka which almost went unnoticed until an MLA of Congress, Sushmita Dev, pointed it out.

Priyanka was quick to reply to Dev’s Tweet. She said that she thought no one noticed it.

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