Amid talk about Statue of Patel, Here are some facts that BJP would not love to hear.

Amid talk about Statue of Patel, Here are some facts that BJP would not love to hear.

Caution: Before contesting these facts, read books, not WhatsApp forwarded messages


Patel banned RSS in 1948:

After the assassination of Gandhi, Patel was clear in mind that RSS had a direct hand in Gandhi’s assassination (However, it was not proved in the court). SO, Patel banned RSS for their mischievous activities. He later uplifted the ban that RSS would not involve itself in politics.


Nehru and Patel were more of comrades than rivals:


After the assassination of Gandhi, both Patel and Nehru recognised that after Gandhi’s death, they had to work together to unite a fragmented nation. In the partnership between the two men, lies a great deal of the Government’s strength, for they complement each other”.


In the aftermath of the Mahatma’s death, Nehru and Patel set aside their differences. Nehru focused on maintaining religious harmony, forging an independent foreign policy, and building a technological and industrial base. Patel focused on getting the princely states to join the Indian Union, modernising the administrative services, and building a cross-party consensus on the major elements of the Constitution.


If Nehru is to blamed for Partition, why leave Patel:


In the first place, Neither Nehru nor Patel wanted a divided nation but after realizing the inevitable they both agreed for partition. In fact, It was Patel who agreed first on Partition VP Menon, the architect of the Partition Plan, informs us that as far back as December 1946, Patel had accepted the division of India while Nehru would only acquiesce six months later. Abul Kalam Azad, a staunch critic of Partition right till the very end, was disappointed with Patel’s support and writes in his memoir, India Wins Freedom, that he was “surprised and pained when Patel in reply [to why Partition was needed] said that whether we liked it or not, there were two nations in India”.

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