Amit Shah attacks Rahul Gandhi for the poor track record of Congress, while his eyes are set on Chhattisgarh 65 Seats

On Sunday, the Bharatiya Janata Party chief Amit Shah openly attacked Rahul Gandhi, Congress president. He accused them of their poor track record over the past 55 years. Not only this, but he said that they are targeting to win 65 Chhattisgarh seats in the upcoming Assembly polls.

He announced the election process in Chhattisgarh and also made it clear that Rahul Gandhi can check their record of the last four years to see how Government has being led and what all work BJP have conducted over the term.

However, among many things said and done, one thing that comes as a buzz is that Ratan Singh will hold the government of Chhattisgarh. Apart from this, out of 90 seats, BJP is aiming to win 65. There is no doubt that for the past 15 years, BJP is going strong in Chhattisgarh so it might be possible for them to win, as he claimed in a rally.

He said, that Rahul Gandhi must not ask them the details of where are putting the money in. They will tell these things to the voters that are going to vote them again. They are only bounded to the citizen of India and will give them all the details required for them to decide.

He even questions Rahul Gandhi that if Gandhi family is running for 55 years and four generation, there is no progress and why is so? He said that PM Narendra Modi has launched schemes including poor farmer and oppressed in 15 days.

The most intriguing things he said is that Rahul must see what they have done before asking someone else. He even accused Congress of the cross-border firing with no befitting reply. He said that after 2014, everything has changed and also refer to a surgical strike. Well, the question and accusing part is going on but we have to wait and see what it held for the upcoming elections.

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