Amit Shah Criticises Dynasty Politics, Invokes Chanakya

Amit Shah Criticises Dynasty Politics, Invokes Chanakya

Today in Pune, BJP President Amit Shah invoked Chanakya an ancient philosopher, saying that he denounce dynasty politics.
In Pune, he is delivering the lecture for 12th Rambhau Mhalgi memorial that is organised by Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini (RMP). "Chanakya had denounced politics of dynasty nearly 2,300 years ago and his philosophy is still relevant in the current context". Shah said.

They speak of Arya Chanakya’s life and in today’s context about his work in the event. RMP is an institute that is in association with RSS. In the event, Amit Shah added that the work done by Chanakya on multiple topics such as politics, economics, security, foreign affairs, social science and education are still followed and valid in the context of contemporary.

Amit Shah quoted Chanakya by saying, "As far as his (Chanakya's) thoughts about the rulers are concerned, he had opposed the idea of a dynasty for running the kingdom. He said it was not necessary that one who is senior but not capable should be given the reins of a kingdom. The most capable, even if he is younger, should run the kingdom,"

People knew Chanakya by the name Kautilya who was known as a royal advisor and jurist. He was also the author of the well-known book on Indian political treatise that is named as the ‘Arthashastra’. Apart from all this, he was also pioneered in the field of economic and political science in India.

Shah added, "(According to Chanakya) if a ruler has the only son but he is not capable of ruling the kingdom, the ministry of the kingdom should select the capable one".

Shah later on clarified that he is not making any sort of comment on any person. He added, "Chanakya has already written that the king is the principal servant of the Constitution and our Prime Minister too said he was the pradhan sevak. Chanakya had written that the ruler should aim that the last man should be included in the process of development. Our PM's slogan 'Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas' is on the similar line," 

However, he said that in today’s education system Chanakya works doesn’t hold much of an importance. He urged RMP to translate the Pandu lipi manuscripts in various Indian languages for the people.

Shah visited palanquin of Saint Dnyanshewar earlier in the day. Then he even called on the historian Babasaheb Purandare as an outreach of the BJP campaign ‘Sampark for Samarthan’.

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